Thursday, April 9, 2009


In honor of my 100th post - here are some items that have been on my imaginary wish list should I ever come across some extra money and be able to splurge inappropriately. But of course these are all under $50. Happy birthday blog! You are oh so good to me.

Some lovely vintage earrings, oh so prettyyyy, $11

A garden gnome, for my bookshelf since I do not have a garden, $25

Perry the Snail, i just wanna squeeze him, $26

A rainbow expanding file folder,so I can file my taxes in style, $32

Alice Zucchini, cause nothing beats a good read, $16


Hannah said...

I kind of feel like I need a snail to snuggle

D&D said...

i feel that is a normal sentiment hannah. many of us do.