Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New News.

Tomorrow morning I'll be up with the sun to head to head to my new home in.....(drumroll please).......Portland! If you have yet to visit this lovely city in Maine - you are missing out. I'll be there for New Year's and then it's back to NYC for awhile. Isn't it super cute?

Check out awesome photos of Maine here - so glad I found this blog!

And if you haven't already seen the Time's Documenting the Decade - you must look. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I think 2010 might be my best year yet.


I'm feeling stripes lately, especially with a nauti edge. Lobsterman and I are moving this month (more on that later) and I really want a brown and white striped bathroom.

major stripes happening here.

subtle, but would go nicely with my striped skirt above. especially if getting groceries on the UES.

All hands on deck. Especially heart the mug.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And It's Over.

Now that I'm coming down from a holiday comatose, I find that all I want to do is shop. I didn't ask for clothes or shoes so now that my gifts are all unwrapped, it's bit me in the ass. Now I want to buy myself some presents. Like any of these.

All from here. And all under $50.

I did almost buy this for New Years but I stopped myself. Now I'm full of remorse.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things I Wish I Put On My Christmas List But I Didn't Cause I'm A Little Dumb.

Amazing vintage matchbooks from Maine that I could do a million things with. Like light candles.

Vintage matchbooks, $15

An amazing cookbook cause I FINALLY LIKE COOKING!

Food & Wine Best of the Best cookbook, $20

This chair because it's rad and reminds me of my parent's really fricken old chairs that we used to have in the kitchen.

Solvar chair, $50

For some reason I have always wanted this. I should just buy it rather than rely on others.

Ruffles shower curtain, $30

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why Didn't I Do This?

LOVE LOVE LOVE wreaths as chandeliers. I know I've seen this before but THANK YOU Ruby Press, for reminding me. Next year I guess.

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of.

I'm in NYC until further notice. It is snowy. I am working, shopping and enjoying Starbucks once again. I'll post as soon as I revel in being home for a bit.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

For A Friend That Was Recently Laid Off And Needs To Revel In Unemployment For A Bit.

A tote that will tell his or her ex-boss where to stick it.

The Only Boss tote, $6

Very handy book to keep by their bedside.

Pep talks and Picker-Uppers, $8

A little reminder.

Card, $4

How Glorious.

Post-its are now... sticky?! I mean - super sticky. Like, they'll stick to ANYTHING! I know someone that's gonna loooove this. My friend J9 uses post-it notes so often that sometimes I find them on her shirt or shoes. Very odd. This post's for you J9!

Super Sticky Post-It Notes, from $3

There's A Mouse In My House.

Or rather...several. Yesterday while I was cleaning upstairs, I noticed something cozied up in the corner of our storage room. Lo and behold - a tiny dead mouse! I decided to cower on the couch until Lobsterman came home from work. We then proceeded to set some traps around the house and put poison in the attic. I know, I know - not humane at all. But the night before we heard them scratching in the wall behind our heads - it kept me up all night. It's them or me - and I always pick me.

Anyways, I'm trying to convince myself that they're cute and friendly and nice. Like Santa Mouse. Ever read this when you were a kid? If I end up killing Santa Mouse, it will be a sad day for everyone.

Santa Mouse, $15

Friday, December 11, 2009

For The Inner Child In All Of Us. Or For Actual Kids On Your List.


I'm not bored anymore art jar, $29

(hyperactively jumping in place) Arocker!Arocker!Rockyrockrooooooock!

Deluxe bull rocker

(clutching self in the fetal position and swaying) Monsters!Monsters!Scary!Scarymooooooonsters!

Monster finger puppets, $13.80

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Your BFF Who Is Co-President Of A Cheese Club And Collects Ball Jars. (By Request)

A fancy hairpiece since she might be embracing bangs soon.

Modern flapper, $35

Brown boots that are actually in her ginormous size and that are actually under the D&D's motto of $50. Damn I'm good.

Moto western boot, $50

A plaid umbrella since she's always wanted one.

Italian style navy and red plaid
, $35

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handmade Holidays.

I am not a huge DIYer, though I'm trying to hop on the revolution train. But I have managed to crank out a few gifts made by yours truly so far.

I made this felt garland for our tree by cutting out circles using pinking shears and sewing them all together with white yarn. Mine is about 20 feet long but as long as you have limitless amounts of felt, it's easy to do while you're watching Love Actually for the 400th time.

I also wanted to make some gifts for friends and family. I decided to sew up matching sets of oven mitts and pot holders because if Anthropologie can sell them for $18 each, I can certainly make pretty ones for a fourth of the price.

Monday, December 7, 2009

For A Friend That Tends To Have Violent Tendencies But Whom You Love Nonetheless.

Bang, bang.

Wall mounted gun vase, $35

Wham, BOOM!

Grenade decal, $8

It's okay to watch on TV.

Television violence tshirt, $18


Reading this post makes me want to spend Christmas in Paris. Maybe next year.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

For A Genuine Girly Girl Lady Lady.

I bet First Lady Michelle would rock this.

Danver necklace, $48

I die...gulp. I want to be a size 5.5 SO BADLY.

Holiday berry illusion shoes, $42

Every girly girl likes sparkly things. We're like cats attracted to shiny objects. It's unavoidable.

Sequin sparkle clutch, $14

For The Friend That Doesn't Really Cook But Has A Well-Decorated Kitchen.

Serve espresso, desserts or apps in this bamboo and porcelain thingamajig. I lurve it.

Espresso set, $45

An oh-so elegant ceramic teapot.

Camille teapot, $45

A fancy spoon and spatula holder. (I own this in white)

Cast iron utensil holder, $15

Gifts For Your Friend Who Travels Everywhere With A Makeup Bag And Is Rarely Seen Without Mascara.

This looks like holidays in a bottle. I am DESPERATE to try this on my nails.

Happy Birthday, $18

Designer? Check. Perfume? Check. On a necklace? Check. I mean...I need this.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume, $35

A make-up bag with owls on it. Cause it's a hoot. Errrr.

Owl box bag, $24

Friday, December 4, 2009

Gifts For The Hostess With The Mostess.

Hostess gifts never need to cost more than $5. Here are some cute ideas that are a little more original than a bottle of vino.

Elves riding corks and party picks. I would marry whoever thought of this.

Sammy appetizer plates, $2.95 each

A set of tartan napkins in case she runs out. Naturally.

Winter plaid cocktail napkins, $2.50

And if you must bring a bottle of bubbly, at least make it pretty.


And I'm Back.

If you've never driven cross country before, I HIGHLY suggest it. My Lobsterman and I mostly camped at national parks along the way (which was often very cold). It was a great money saver since we didn't have to go to a restaurant for every meal. And I must admit, it was pretty fun too. Here are some highlights of the trip!

Dairy farms in the midwest

Driving under the arch in St. Louis

World-famous BBQ at Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City

Hanging out with a herd of elk in the Rockies

The Grand Canyon. I thought I was looking at something on television - it was so unreal.

Monument Valley in Utah. This is the "mexican hat" since it looks like a sombrero. I didn't see it.

Scenes of Southern Utah

Arches National Park

Hikes in the mountains that would lead to snow and ice!

Our home away from home

I'll have these memories forever. If anyone needs any cross country trip advice, give me a shout. Let the holiday gift guides begin!