Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blast from the Past.

While perusing etsy for vintage romance novels (long story) I came across these. WHOAMYGOD! Did anyone of you read these slightly trashy tween books growing up? And then develop your tastes for the Sweet Valley High books - which totally included way too many steamy car make-out sessions. Do I need these?


just a girl said...

Ummm. You TOTALLY need these! Otherwise I might take them =)

I loved these books and loved Sweet Valley High. I used to play the board game ALL.THE.TIME with my bff as a kid.

Do you know about the Diablo Cody movied that's coming out? She's writing a script for a new Sweet Valley High!

(Sorry, I got really excited about these books.)

D&D said...

WHAT THE WHAT! i did not know such things.
imdb-ing now.

Kate. said...

Awesome!! And you know you could plow through the whole collection in like 3 hours. I went so far as to read those spin-off books that were like, about the whole generation of twins, since the 1900s!