Monday, March 7, 2011


I. HATE. MOVING. But Lobsterman and I are currently apartment hunting and we have three weeks left to find a new place. We've looked at over 30 different spots already - no joke. Either we're the pickiest people on earth or Portland has crappy apartments. But at least I'll have a new space to decorate. We will definitely need this doormat.


Kate. said...

what, what!? i have 3 weeks until i move and i haven't looked at any places!! why are you looking so early?? and you haven't seen anything you like?!? oh no. i'm screwed.

D&D said...

we've been month to month --- since january.
so we've been looking NON STOP.
we finally have to get out now though - EEEEP!

Kate. said...

oh, ok. can go at any time- that's kinda nice. and after my mini-freak out, i realized i'm not moving until the end of NEXT month, haha. breathe, kate, breathe. :) there was a frantic craigslist search in there before i realized it tho.