Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Laugh Out Loud.

Here is a list of a few blogs I am obsessed with right now.

The Lovesome - Uh. Just read it. You'll pee your pants. I'm not exaggerating either. Her shopping trip to get soap had me in stitches.

Cupcakes & Cashmere - I know I'm behind in finding this blog, but I am obsessed with her cool style and laid-back attitude. And girl can coooooook!

Atlantis Home - If I can be like her when I grow up and have an equally cool daughter, I will have succeeded in life.

Sprouted Kitchen - I tend to just look at the amazing photos, but one day I will cook something.

And on a totally unrelated note all together, I saw Shutter Island over the weekend against my will. Go see it. Oh and bring a hanky because it has the saddest scene I've ever watched in a movie EVER.


C said...

You're my first link from another blog to my blog! Awww. And to think you're the reason I started blogging in the first place and I didn't even know what a blog was until you became a Lil Monsta. Next time we see each other, let's hug! Love you!

Sprouted Kitchen said...

you should make something - i promise everything is pretty easy :) thank you!