Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Now that I've got this fashion blog thing happening, I've noticed I can be quick to assume anyone with a quirky style is a hipster. Shame on me for my judgements! I started to think about this incredibly overused word and wondered where the heck it came from. Upon further investigation (thanks Wikipedia) I discovered that it actually derives from the jazz age. The first known usage of the word is from a glossary of jive music and describes a hipster as "characters who like hot jazz." In that case, I suppose I am a hipster. Gotta love me some Nina Simone. Based on this definition, are you a hipster?

Nan Lawson print, $10


Everton Terrace said...

Ha - that poster is great. I supposed I could be. I like some jazz - yes on Nina and I have that haircut from the poster but sometimes I wear my dingy sweats out and I think of hipsters as just always looking cool.

Uke Mochi said...

Great poster.

Thomas said...

hey laura,

if you read further in that same article, it also references hipsters as young new yorkers who move to places like tivoli new york and drink out of jars...in other words, i believe the new meaning of hipster originates from bard college

just a girl said...

People always think I'm a hipster because I have bangs and wear scarves. It's kind of annoying.