Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coat Closet.

Upon reviewing my winter outdoor apparel collection - I have come to realize that it's probably best that I didn't win that BOMB ASS VINTAGE COAT off ebay. I may have shed some tears and stomped my foot until I turned beet red, but no matter. I'll just polish off my Marc Jacobs peacock coat (yea thats right - the one with the blue stripes from his '06 line - no bigs) and call it a day. But then again - this is pretty fricken cute. And it has a bow. And it's gray and wool and fantastic. And it has cobalt lining. Am I in love again?


house. said...

right after i read your post about the coat and how you weren't going to give the link, i went on ebay and searched for that coat for like 20 minutes... but i didn't find it. i was going to post the link as a comment on your blog and watch what happened. lol, darn.

D&D said...

wow. you are mean.

house. said...

i'm just playin. i wouldn't do that to you. if i found the link i would have just emailed it to you and asked if that was the right one. lol