Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Brunch.

Wow. I did not blog all week. Shame, shame on me. This Sunday I am hosting a big brunch for 12 of my dearest friends (or maybe more - I have lost count). With that said, here is the menu I am thinking of:

Bagels with homemade scallion and bacon cream cheese
Corn flake crusted french toast
Scrambled eggs with cheese
Fruit salad
Pumpkin chocolate chip loaf
Holiday sugar cookies
Mimosas out of these cups!

I will be sure to post about the party on Monday. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


house. said...

scrambled eggs with cheese? holiday sugar cookies?

Caitlin said...

it was perfection.


house. said...

i was really worried. i thought i missed the scrambled eggs with cheese.