Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Resolution(s).

Rather than come up with hokey resolutions to become a better person, lose weight, bla bla bla, I'm giving myself personal challenges for every month this year. My challenge for the month of January is to spend money on just the essentials. What do I consider an essential? Groceries. Bills. Gas. That's it. No eating out, no buying clothes, no thrifting, no scouring Craigslist for antiques. I want to see how much I can save by limiting myself.

We'll see how it goes!



jeanette from everton terrace said...

That's a great idea! It's much easier to stick to something for just one month. No thrifting would be the hardest for me! Good Luck.

wilybrunette said...

i LOVE the idea of a monthly challenge!! (and i love the gratuitous self-portrait below).

20 York Street said...

That's a very commendable no-new year's resolution plan!

That reminds me, I gotta save money too!


Happy, Happy New Year!