Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things I Wish I Put On My Christmas List But I Didn't Cause I'm A Little Dumb.

Amazing vintage matchbooks from Maine that I could do a million things with. Like light candles.

Vintage matchbooks, $15

An amazing cookbook cause I FINALLY LIKE COOKING!

Food & Wine Best of the Best cookbook, $20

This chair because it's rad and reminds me of my parent's really fricken old chairs that we used to have in the kitchen.

Solvar chair, $50

For some reason I have always wanted this. I should just buy it rather than rely on others.

Ruffles shower curtain, $30

1 comment:

wreckedstellar said...

The vintage matchbook looks so cool I'd just leave it out laying on the table next to candles! And love the girly shower curtain!! xo, Mel