Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handmade Holidays.

I am not a huge DIYer, though I'm trying to hop on the revolution train. But I have managed to crank out a few gifts made by yours truly so far.

I made this felt garland for our tree by cutting out circles using pinking shears and sewing them all together with white yarn. Mine is about 20 feet long but as long as you have limitless amounts of felt, it's easy to do while you're watching Love Actually for the 400th time.

I also wanted to make some gifts for friends and family. I decided to sew up matching sets of oven mitts and pot holders because if Anthropologie can sell them for $18 each, I can certainly make pretty ones for a fourth of the price.


erin said...

crafty! i adore the garland.

wreckedstellar said...

Love these DIYs! I wish I could sew- need to have my mom teach me!