Friday, December 4, 2009

And I'm Back.

If you've never driven cross country before, I HIGHLY suggest it. My Lobsterman and I mostly camped at national parks along the way (which was often very cold). It was a great money saver since we didn't have to go to a restaurant for every meal. And I must admit, it was pretty fun too. Here are some highlights of the trip!

Dairy farms in the midwest

Driving under the arch in St. Louis

World-famous BBQ at Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City

Hanging out with a herd of elk in the Rockies

The Grand Canyon. I thought I was looking at something on television - it was so unreal.

Monument Valley in Utah. This is the "mexican hat" since it looks like a sombrero. I didn't see it.

Scenes of Southern Utah

Arches National Park

Hikes in the mountains that would lead to snow and ice!

Our home away from home

I'll have these memories forever. If anyone needs any cross country trip advice, give me a shout. Let the holiday gift guides begin!

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