Thursday, December 17, 2009

There's A Mouse In My House.

Or rather...several. Yesterday while I was cleaning upstairs, I noticed something cozied up in the corner of our storage room. Lo and behold - a tiny dead mouse! I decided to cower on the couch until Lobsterman came home from work. We then proceeded to set some traps around the house and put poison in the attic. I know, I know - not humane at all. But the night before we heard them scratching in the wall behind our heads - it kept me up all night. It's them or me - and I always pick me.

Anyways, I'm trying to convince myself that they're cute and friendly and nice. Like Santa Mouse. Ever read this when you were a kid? If I end up killing Santa Mouse, it will be a sad day for everyone.

Santa Mouse, $15


A said...

peanut butter is a better alternative to poison.

D&D said...

but wont that just attract them and not get rid of them?
nice try peta.

A said...

No you put the peanut butter in the mouse trap! They have a nice last meal before they go to rodent heaven!

D&D said...

that is what we did actually! ha!

nothing in traps yet. i think they are eating dkon in the attic tho. sorry.