Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ain't He.

..the cutest thing ever? Watson is getting old and has trouble going up stairs now. He is in a crate for two whole weeks on bed rest because of some back problems. I love his gray hairs in this photo. He is aging beautifully.

That's my man right there yo - that's my man!


our little love nest said...

He is just beautiful!! People often don't see the beauty in age. So cool that you do.
p.s. I will try to post the recipe for green onion cakes later today or tomorrow. Thanks for asking. :)

D&D said...

hurray!!!! thanks!

C said...

Oh, Watty. I associate him with meat bowls, Sara yelling at Tommy, and tax free CT shopping. They all kind of roll around together in my brain. I hope that's okay.

He is rather dignified. Like he needs a cravat.

Aimee said...

he is stunning. yes.


Sarah S. Dobbs said...

I LOVE your dog! What a looker! I think he and my frenchie Penny would be lovers. Thanks for your comment! Love your blog


Aron said...

What a sweet little thing! And yes, I want that cup too.