Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am loving the zipper heel trend that's been going around. Luckily for me, one of the options below is way cheaper than the other. I propose a contest! Comment your price guesses and the person that guesses closest will receive a fab prize from me. Yay.


Go forth and guess! The winner will be revealed on Monday!


jozen said...

i bought mr. latte on your suggestion! thanks so much.

Sarah said...

That funny heel makes me think the second pair is more expensive. But the material looks nicer in the top one. So what I'm saying is this is a total guess.

Top pair: $69
Bottom pair: $489

Not even close?

D&D said...

sarah - i appreciate your bravado at making the first guess.
you might win a prize just for being a leader and not a follower! ha

JKW said...

Probably around $400. Walmart $29.99 :) What a fun contest. No I haven't seen them, wouldn't they be tough to make? Blessings, Janet

Christina said...

Oooh, shoes. I am going to assume that one pair is under $50 since that is the blog theme. Hmm. Hard to tell. I say $470 for the top pair and then $49.99 for the bottom pair.

Kim said...

I would have to say the bottom ones are more expensive. And I'll guess the top ones to be... $39, and the bottom ones as...$349.
Hopefully I'm close?

House of Milk said...

Well the second pair look like Louboutin's, so I'm going to guess:

1st pair: 39.99
2nd pair: 465.99

Super fun contest! Thanks! :)