Monday, April 12, 2010

Love This Dress But.

How does one wear it? Go braless? That seems dangerous.

And in unrelated news, this is why I don't have a boob job.


Kim said...

Actually, there are things that replace bras and don't have straps or bits in the back. They're kind of like gel inserts, because they're made of the same stuff, but they just stick to your boobs. I've never actually gotten any, but I've seen them. They're kind of weird, but it seems to work.
You can see it here:

D&D said...

you are wise beyond your years kim!

Jen said...

You're right, this dress is great! Guess you almost need to go braless or like Kim said, try one of the other options out on the market. With the kind of dresses they make these days, you almost need to have A LOT of other options :-)

Louise said...

who makes this dress? I stumbled across your blog and am definitely intrigued by this dress as well as your style!