Friday, May 14, 2010

Frugal Friday: 4

I'm going to be in NYC for a few days, so I won't be back until Wednesday with a post. Tears all around. Here's basically what I'll be wearing while I bop around the concrete jungle.

A comfy dress, $13.50

Comfy sneaks, $20

Simple jewelry, $11.84

A cocktail with my best friends while I visit, $4 (roughly)

Grand total: $49.34
.....happy weekend!


Jeanette said...

Love Frugal Friday - adorable outfit, just my style. HAVE FUN on your trip - can't wait to read all about it.

Eileen said...

Where the H can you get a $4 cocktail in NYC.... besides Mug-Z's?

D&D said...

its called happy hour ... and blockheads?

Eileen said...


s + b said...

adorable dress! you have great style. have a wonderful time!!

Roxy Te Owens said...

I love the kicks!
p.s. I adore NYC, and never wanted to move away. The best mojitos and margs you will ever have for $3 is at Bone Lick Park, Greenwich Ave on the corner of 7th and 11th. I believe it's all day everyday! It used to be the place where everyone knew my name ;)