Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Lobsterman and I have a new system where I am forced to cook twice a week. Sigh. It's amazing that I come from a family of brilliant cooks, live with a great cook and I'm expected to make my own meals. I have aquiesced to his request and here are some meals I plan on trying.

Blue Cheese Scallion drop biscuits from SmittenKitchen. Not a meal per say, but they look delicious.

Tina's big fat salad. It looks delicious and involves little cooking. Yay.

Gourmet's oven fried panko chicken. I mean, it's gotta be healthier than a deep fryer, right?

Have any good easy recipes that I can't mess up? Please. Send. HELP!


Jeanette said...

Oh I have so many but I'm on vacation and don't have access to my "kitchen" right now. Hopefully I'll remember when I get back next week and promise to send you some! Good luck and keep us posted.

Christina said...

Soups, stews, chilis - delicious, one pot, and you can't mess it up. Plus there's always lots of leftovers. Serve with oven toasted crispy french bread and fresh butter. Yum. I have a great recipe for tortilla soup which isn't too heavy for summer. One of Joe's favorite meals. I'll email you!

Jen said...

Girl, you have it so much easier than me... I have to make meals 4 days a week!! Sometimes, it's even more than that and being a non-cook, that kills me! Oh how I'd rather someone just make dinner for me ;-)

But the meals that you have pictured look dee-lish-us! I even printed off the blue cheese biskete one. Sounded yummy!

Anonymous said...

Those recipes look delicious, especially the big fat salad. Our oven make the entire house an inferno in the summer so no cook meals are important around here!