Thursday, May 13, 2010

To Do.

I should do more with my free time. I work a full-time job, freelance for several publications, take my beloved Zumba and pilates classes, try and keep a tidy apartment and on a rare occasion I paint my toenails. But I feel, well, like I don't do NEARLY enough as the rest of you lovely bloggers. I mean, this blogosphere is filled with people that build their own homes, create world class dinners, model gifted clothing items from PR people. Why aren't I cool enough for this?

Here is my current "to do" list taken from much more talented bloggers than me. I am going to copy their ideas and therefore become cooler.

Kelly's crazy amazing lace necklace that she made out of a lace collar.

I am DEFINITELY stealing this idea! Obsessed with the DIY chevron stripes. I have a plain white trunk by our door that is getting this treatment, stat! You are awesome Kristin F. Davis. And you share a name with the actress that plays Charlotte from Sexy and the City. Not bad.

Okay. I'll start with two and see if I can actually check these off. What's on your to do list?


Jeanette said...

My fantasy to do list is get a pedicure, re-do a couple rooms in my house (possibly part of my backyard), plan a fun summer party and make some more artwork for my bedroom. My real to do list, is put away the two loads of laundry from Monday, go to the post office and cook breakfast.

D&D said...

hahaha! i also want to plan a fun summer party!

Design Candy said...

You are one busy little bee....:)Love your, mine would be:

1. Decorate a cake like a pro.

2. Learn how to self-tan without never fails!!

3. Visit Maine. :)

D&D said...

self-tan is a good one. i always look like i colored my legs with a yellow highlighter when i use it!

Anonymous said...

My to do list currently includes hand washing dishes because the dishwasher just broke, and putting together furniture as we redo our living room. Or more accurately walking around piles of boxes that the furniture pieces are still in. It is the height of glamour around here right now!!!