Friday, May 28, 2010


After seeing Sex and the City last night I thought to myself, "Self, I think you can pull off a colorful turban like Carrie did while bopping around Abu Dhabi." Luckily, I found these. Also, I about died when I spotted Carrie reading my all-time fave book in bed in one scene. Gush.

$32 each


Jeanette said...

Loved the movie. I imagine we are going to be seeing lots of ladies sporting the turban look this summer. Go for it!

Jane said...

love the look! & it's perfect for summertime* have a great holiday weekend! xx, Jane

Wellies and Vogue said...

Oh I'd love a turban! Always have wanted one and they're perfect for summer!

Also so excited about seeing this... Didn't think I was too bothered but the hype has got to me.. Bring on the popcorn!

Sarah said...

Ohh, should I add the book to my wishlist? Done. Should I add a turban-headband to my wishlist? Mmmmm. We'll see.