Monday, June 14, 2010

I Am Staging.

A closet intervention. My closet needs help. Or rather, my wardrobe needs help. I have a lot of great clothes but I find myself recycling items or accessories over and over again. Do you have that problem? I think it comes down to disorganization. If my items were lined up better or more easily accessible, perhaps I'd be more creative with the wardrobe.

My friends - do you have an organized closet you'd like to share? Or some tips? I am the opposite of a hoarder so I have no problem tossing items I don't wear, but I still need some inspiration.

Note: This is not my closet. It's simply wishful thinking.


Everton Terrace said...

I simply cannot believe you call that disorganized. Please promise me, if you should ever enter my home, you will not open one closet door! I also find I tend to wear the same few outfits every season - of course right now I'm still in my pajamas!

Some Style... said...

ha, so true! i always have to reorganize and clean up mine as well! gets messed up so quick! hehe

hip hip gin gin said...

I need to do something about my closet situation as well. I tend to wear my favorites over and over and neglect the rest. Either I need to wear the rest or give it away and get more favorites. I'm guessing the option that includes shopping will win =)