Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Few Of My (Current) Favorite Things.

I can't get enough of my Hunter's Tote Bag from, where else, but the incomparable L.L.Bean. It's cool enough for everyday and waterproof for the beach and durable for my heap of crap that I bring with my everywhere.

Dark chocolate coconut kashi bars are heaven on earth and I eat them every afternoon. I can't control my hankering for these.

Tana French. I read her first novel and now I can't put her second one down. Just, trust me on this, and read her books.

What are your current faves?


Everton Terrace said...

I don't even know Tana French - will be investigating promptly. My current fav' is my newfound love of Salvadorean food and "Lola" perfume, just received as a gift and I really like it.

D&D said...

oh yes! i love salvaodrean food - i hear ya on that!

A said...

My favorite thing is you! tehehehe.