Friday, July 16, 2010

Frugal Friday: Primaries

I'm on a major primary color kick lately. Red, yellow and blue...bring it on.

Coin purse, $3.80

Banded top, $12

Contrast striped skirt, $14.80

Agency sandals, $17.99

Grand Total: $48.59
...happy weekend! I'm off to a wedding, what are you doing?! xo


Everton Terrace said...

LOVE these finds today! I'm staying indoors this weekend as we've got heat adivisories in Phoenix. Hope the wedding is lovely.

D&D said...

heat advisories?! good grief. i love arizona but i can't stand the heat!

A said...

I'm watching Watson!

Elle Sees said...

hanging with my little sister!!

house 09 said...

oh me too! I've been loving some bold colors lately ;) just fell in complete love with the yellow top!

Sarah said...

Love the sandals! I just learned that Nordstrom takes anything back so I'm getting my sandals exclusively there, so that I can take them back when they fall apart and get new ones. How's that for frugal? And shameless? I don't care. Yay! New sandals forever!