Friday, July 9, 2010

Frugal Friday: FAIL

I'm too busy to blog this week. PLUS I can't possibly post about a cute, cheap outfit since I am about to empty my wallet and buy a car. Sigh. The only downside to my new job is not being able to walk every day. Drats.

I promise to be back to my normal blogging self next week. But until then - enter the awesome giveaway! At least I did something productive this week!


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this free bird said...

I totally entered that awesome giveaway of yours lady! Fingers crossed...I'm having a little something next week myself and want you to stop by. It's great and will totally cheer you up from car emptying wallet mode...I was so there last year. oy oy oy

Have a great weekend in the meantime!
-Carrie :)