Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Too Hot.

to blog. Seriously. I'm one of those freaks that's walking around the city today with cut-off denims and a personal fan. I am also spending my day car shopping. Somebody hose me down now!

I had a wonderful weekend. I had my best pal visit, ate lots of lobster, got a ton of sun and am completely exhausted right now. How was yours? Also, I have a giveaway this week and a big announcement. So get excited.

(nautical hose, $40)


Everton Terrace said...

I hear you with the heat. Just got back into Phoenix yesterday from a 12 day trip to Seattle. I got a little spoiled up there and am now back in the oven. Love that hose!

Anonymous said...

Hope it cools down! After spending 18+ summers of my life in Texas, I can definitely feel your pain.

house 09 said...

I actually envy all the heat you're getting... come live in seattle ;) and yes, I'm excited and curious for the surprise!

Anonymous said...

That hose is way cute!!!